Why Use Climbing Frames?

Tracking The New National Curriculum

The toolkit covers all National Curriculum core and foundation subjects. This means that it is ready to be used immediately across the whole school. It is also similar, but improves upon, the old APP system, so your teachers will find it familiar to use and easy to adopt.

Climbing Frames also includes five Pre-Levels for each subject, so you can also monitor and track the progress of SEN or Pre-National Curriculum pupils.

Track thinking and learning

Significantly, by using Climbing Frames your school will also have access to an assessment tool that monitors pupils’ cognitive development by including assessment frames for thinking and learning skills.

These thinking and learning frames cover all nine years of the national curriculum, plus the five Pre-Levels.

The frames address:

  1. Seeking and keeping ideas
  2. Thinking critically
  3. Working with others
  4. Using reflection and feedback loops
  5. Solving problems
  6. Flexing the imagination
  7. Building models and theories
  8. Thinking for the future

Each of these is referenced to National Curriculum objectives.

Mobile assessment

Climbing Frames is a mobile app. The digital element of Climbing Frames enables you to record assessments on your school’s Android and Apple tablets, as well as through your desktop and laptop computers.

As well as the huge time-savings that this lends to all of your assessment staff, it also means that you can track and report on attainment in a much more detailed way.

For instance, the school is able to track pupil progress by categories, such as Pupil Premium and EAL, as well as class and cohort.



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