Video: amending pupil progress grades

Another week, another upgrade to help schools keep track of pupil progress. The new function means that schools using the Climbing Frames Pupil Tracker can better manage assessing pupils and tracking results.

Got a teacher who’s missed an assessment deadline? No worries. It’s now possible for previous progress grades to be amended quickly and simply.

Editing pupil progress grades

Any previous assessment period within the current school year can now be edited. This means that if a teacher misses the cut-off point to add in their real-time assessment, or if they have made a mistake, they you can now go back and edit these.

Check out this video to see the new upgrade in action:

What happens to previous grades?

Don’t worry, editing previous grades will not affect your current assessment data.

If you have already performed an assessment in ‘Autumn 2’, editing your grade in ‘Autumn 1’ won’t overwrite this.

Only your selected term will be affected.

If you would like to try the software yourself, including the new editable progress grades and baselines, you can book your free demo on the site.

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