Are You Looking For A Teacher Led Assessment Tool For Your School?

Are you looking for people tracker software that goes beyond tick boxes?

The Climbing Frames School Pupil Tracker technology provides you with this and much more. The software is not based on tick boxes, where you are restricted in your assessments by software limitations. The Climbing Frames School Pupil Tracker software enables teachers to make judgements on different milestones and markers and then plug these into the system to create a real-time map of exactly what is going on in the classroom.


Covering The National Curriculum But Going Further

At the Climbing Frames School Pupil Tracker we are continually evolving our software to ensure that it meets the demands of the curriculum. Education never stands still, and that means adapting the software to meet new markers and guidelines that lead pupils towards higher attainment levels on the range of subjects that they learn. However, we don’t stop there. We ensure that there is a more thorough and comprehensive approach to assessment by including thinking and learning skills in the assessment and monitoring process.

These paradigms provide an opportunity for teachers to understand more about what is going on, and to track progress based on the characteristics of learning, rather than just the subject based markers themselves.


Real-time Alerts To Help The Teachers

As well as a simple traffic light system for reporting teachers receive real-time alerts when pupils are falling below their required levels, or when their performance is flat lining. This helps teachers to quickly intervene and strategise new individual learning plans if things aren’t working out with the current learning journey.


The Versatile Climbing Frames

We have designed our software to be a versatile solution that is easily assimilated into the classroom. Teachers can use the technology they are familiar with to manage monitoring processes, including PCs, Macs, laptops and tablets. The software runs on android, iOS and Windows. We have gone to the effort to make the software deployable on so many different platforms to ensure that teachers are comfortable with the computerised environment they use for the monitoring process. We understand that a teacher led system must be teacher friendly, and have removed the barriers to using the software by making it usable, functional, quick and accessible.


Ready To Find Out More?

We find the best way for schools to understand the power of this teacher led assessment tool for classrooms is to try it out. We provide the opportunity to demo our pupil school tracker, and also have a wealth of information to help you make an informed decision as to whether this will be an effective tool in your school.

Our system is being used in schools up and down the country and therefore we have lots of data you can access, as well as example frameworks, presentations and testimonials.

If you’d like to trial software, or would like to get access to some specific information to help you make your decision, then get in touch today and will be more than happy to provide you with what you need.



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