Why Climbing Frames is The Right Choice for Special Schools

Climbing Frames is the only truly inclusive student tracking and assessment system that can help you navigate the new National Curriculum without levels.

This is why Achievement for All, the government supported special needs charity, has chosen it as ‘Best of Breed’ and is recommending it to all its associated schools.

Climbing Frames’ Pre-Levels allow you to:

• Assess and track progress for children who have not yet reached the academic level of the new National Curriculum. This could be a considerable number of your children, as the government has hiked the academic standards of the Year 1 National Curriculum.
• Track the progress for children with more serious developmental delay, until such time as you feel they can enter National Curriculum assessment. It is then a seamless process to move them into the tracking system for the Year 1 Learning Objectives, no matter what chronological year they are in.

The Thinking and Learning frame also allows you to:

• Track a child’s cognitive development, often delayed for children with special needs, be it because of a condition, a period of illness or a challenged upbringing.

The Pre-Levels were devised by Sue Hackman, former chief advisor for Curriculum and Assessment at the DfE . These Pre-Levels are, she says, a necessary replacement for the old P-Levels, around which there was a broad consensus about their inadequacy:

“I thought it was strange and unacceptable that there was no attempt to revise the P-Levels – the one area which everyone agreed needed to be changed. But the government doesn’t really care about children with special needs and it hasn’t really considered those children who will not be able to reach the starting point of the National Curriculum, for whatever reason.”

Climbing Frames intends in the near future to add specialist progress objectives for children with particular conditions.

Complete KS 1-3 coverage

Uniquely, Climbing Frames covers Key Stages 1-3 and so is ideal for all-through special schools, PRUs and schools where there are mixed age classes.

Track pupils’ thinking and learning skills

The Thinking and Learning frame is not just for younger children.
They are an important check for children with learning delays throughout their school career, as they monitor a deeper level of progress that simply meeting the National Curriculum objectives. Indeed, they are a useful reality check for all children whose learning progress might be ‘over-supported’ by enthusiastic but over-directive teachers.



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