Real Time & Manageable Assessment For Your Classroom

Are you looking for a pupil school tracker for your primary or secondary school? Do you want a real time manageable assessment system that can help teachers to create better student learning journeys, and help school management create better strategies?

The Climbing Frames School Pupil Tracker is a real time manageable assessment tool that is being used up and down the country. It is designed to be perfectly aligned with the current national curriculum, and will evolve on a regular basis to ensure that it stays in line. It uses milestones and markers that are geared towards ensuring that pupils can attain higher levels of achievement on the specific knowledge, skills and behaviours that are required to thrive in the new curriculum.


A Teacher Led System

For any monitoring and assessment tool to be real-time it needs to be usable in the classroom. Gone are the days when termly assessments were sufficient to drive pupils towards attainment of the required standards in the national curriculum. These big assessments are helpful, but now teachers need to be constantly tracking progress against the core priorities of the national curriculum.

The Climbing Frames School Pupil Tracker system is based on teacher judgements rather than just ticking boxes. This makes it more functional and useful, and therefore engenders more teacher buy in to the benefits. It can be deployed on diverse devices so that teachers can use it on the technology they are comfortable with. Due to the fact that teachers are inputting data on a daily basis the information that they have on their preview screen, and information in the management analytics dashboard really is based on real-time manageable data that can be used to make informed decisions.


The Management Analytics Dashboard

School leaders and governors can use the management analytics dashboard to mine down into exactly what is going on in a school. They can look at individual classes, subject areas, cohorts or the entire school. The simple traffic light system means they interact with an easy to assimilate information platform that highlights quickly the strengths and weaknesses of different areas of the school. They can also mine down into specific details, such as performance by pupil entitled to free school meals, comparing performance between boys and girls, and looking at the performance of different ethnic groups.

School management can therefore use the real-time manageable assessment system to understand the dynamics of their school, and create new ways of doing things that are better aligned to this profound information.


In The Classroom

In the classroom teachers can develop more compelling and appropriate learning journeys for individual students, and for the class as a whole. They can spend their time where it is needed most, supporting struggling pupils, and ensuring that those who are excelling are continuously challenged and stretched. Every pupil can receive more appropriate input, based on their current ability, in order to ensure that they are driving towards their potential in the key areas that matter in the new curriculum.


Interested In Finding Out More?

If you want to find out more about how our real-time manageable assessment tracker can integrate into your school environment, and create more positive outcomes, then get in touch today. We are here to discuss with you more about how it works, and provide you with example frameworks, testimonials, and a demonstration on our Climbing Frames School Pupil Tracker.

In today’s more challenging educational environment it is crucial that we are continually monitoring and assessing pupils in real-time. It is also vital that the measures we are looking at are those that predict attainment on the new national curriculum. Our tool is being used by schools up and down the country, and takes a lot of the uncertainty out of the process of forming a classroom monitoring process. It is built to easily integrate into any school environment, and we are confident that it can be a powerful asset for positive change in your school too.



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