Track Your Secondary School Pupils Progress

If you are reading this then you are probably not entirely happy with the systems and processes you have in place to track pupils in your secondary school. If that is the case then take a look at our school pupil tracker.

Secondary school progress milestones have become more difficult with the evolution of the national curriculum. Government is continually raising the bar in the educational system. This means that schools have to change the way they monitor and assess pupils, to ensure that progress is being made at a sufficient rate.


Iterative Monitoring Rather Than Cramming

The old way of monitoring and assessing was for teachers to cram assessments into the end of term. This was fit for purpose when the educational system was less challenging. With pupil attainment targets at an all-time high teachers now have two insure they are monitoring on a daily or weekly basis so that they can intervene when pupils are falling behind, flat lining or even overachieving and needing more stimulation.


Real-time Data And Strategy Formation

The School Pupil Tracker pupil tracker makes it easy to update the online data in the classroom. As leaps in learning are identified teachers can update specific milestones that are geared towards the priorities of the current national curriculum. Each subject has its own milestones, so teachers, year leaders and strategy leaders can assess progress at a glance. Real-time data can be filtered so that trends can be identified in terms of gender, ethnicity, free school meals status and other metrics. Our pupil tracker school secondary progress system can therefore feed directly into school strategy.


Usable And Powerful

Our software is designed to be easily adopted by teachers in the classroom. It is a teacher led system, based on judgements by teachers rather than being a tick box exercise. It also goes beyond the secondary school national curriculum by assessing thinking and learning skills, thereby creating a more comprehensive picture of individual learning. Teachers can update on any PC, laptop Mac or tablet. The software is easy to understand and use. A simple traffic light system guides teacher action and identifies progress.


Ready To Find Out More?

If you are ready to find out more about our system then take a look through the wealth of information available on our website. We can also provide you with a demonstration of the software so that you can understand just how easy it will be to integrate it into your current school processes.

Our secondary school pupil tracker will help your school to hit pupil attainment goals, demonstrate school progress across different subjects, generate reports for the classroom, year leaders, parents, governors and OFSTED, and form powerful strategies that improve the learning environment.

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