Are you looking for pupil tracker secondary school software? Are you looking for a solution that can integrate seamlessly into your school’s daily activities and provide real-time monitoring for classrooms and strategy leaders within your school?

At School Pupil Tracker we have developed pupil tracker school secondary software to facilitate an evolutionary transition in the way that you monitor and track pupil attainment and progress towards priority national curriculum goals.


Helping Secondary School Pupils Achieve Their Potential

Our systems ensure that pupils have a clear and regularly updated path to attainment and are able to reach their potential more frequently. This is achieved by daily monitoring against the core priorities of the national curriculum. The different subjects at secondary school all have their key milestones that must be met in order for secondary school pupils to track at satisfactory levels.

Our software can be installed on just about any device, enabling teachers to update learning and individual progress reports as and when they occur. This is a seismic shift from the traditional termly monitoring paradigm that we are have seen in schools in the past. The shift from big termly assessments to daily incremental assessment creates a more dynamic environment, real-time classroom progress data, and easy access to the information needed to create individual progress plans and form appropriate school strategy.


An Easy To Use, Easy To Implement Solution

There are very few solutions as easy to implement as our pupil tracker. Secondary schools are busy environments. Our traffic light system makes it easy to get a quick snapshot of the progress of the classroom, elevating in teacher consciousness the priorities in different subject areas. Red alerts identify pupils that are falling below the standards required of them. Overachieving pupils are highlighted in order to receive more stretching material. Pupils that are flat lining are also identified to ensure that teachers are aware of the dynamics of their classroom.

The process for updating the software requires the minimum number of clicks and is as simple as possible. By adopting a few daily habits classroom monitoring can be made far more effective without significant effort.


Find Out More About Our Pupil Tracker- School Secondary

With an ever more complex national curriculum in secondary schools pupil tracker software provides a much-needed framework for monitoring. The demands of individual pupils are rising, as the government seeks to elevate the educational standards in UK to be amongst the leading lights in the global community. It is only by taking a thorough and consistent approach that the standards will be met. School Pupil Tracker provides a solution to help you guide pupils towards higher attainment, report progress to governors, OFSTED and parents, and demonstrate school progress on key metrics.

To find out more about our pupil tracker school software get in touch today. We have lots of information we can share with you, such as case studies from other schools, demonstrations on specific aspects of the software, and testimonials from schools that are currently using our solution.