The Best Primary School Pupil Tracking Software

Are you looking for pupil tracker school primary software? Are you unsure as to which solution will work best for your school? Are you struggling to put together policies and procedures that will meet the demands of the new and evolving national curriculum?


Facilitating Better Outcomes In Your Primary School

At School Pupil Tracker we facilitate the process of change through learning. Our pupil tracker software is designed for primary schools and helps teachers lead the monitoring process in a dynamic and meaningful way. The days of tick box progress reports are coming to an end. Our software works off the judgements of teachers, creating a framework for assessment based on the priorities of the new curriculum. In addition, the software identifies and monitors progress on learning skills and thinking skills; two areas that are somewhat neglected by the national curriculum, yet are vital to pupil potential attainment.


Changing The Way You Track Pupils

Traditionally the assessment of pupils occurred at the end of each term. This model was sufficient in times gone by when target learning outcomes were less stretching, and natural classroom processes were sufficient to ensure attainment.

In order to consistently track progress and facilitate better school outcomes it is now important to monitor daily in order to ensure that real-time information informs educational practices in the classroom and in wider school strategy. Our software enables this process. Installed on a laptop, PC or Mac, on any of the main operating systems, it facilitates simple iterative assessment and monitoring that tracks the learning journey of students within the teaching environment. This process is a paradigms shift from the way things were done in the past; a necessary shift given the new demands put upon teachers and schools today.


A Partner Now And For The Future

After a period of relative stability in the educational system things are changing. Year-to-year we are going to continue to see evolution of the educational system, as the government strives to position the UK as a leading educator in the global community.  As a school you now need a system that will work with today’s priorities, and will evolve to meet the challenges and demands of tomorrow.

That is what we provide; an online system that will track the national standards and changes to national curriculum priorities and then provide a framework for monitoring this new information. We are your strategic partner in the monitoring and reporting of individual, class, cohort and school progress against clearly defined metrics for each subject area.


Find Out More About How We Can Help

The uncertainty that comes with a new educational order can be overwhelming. We remove the uncertainty by providing an easily integrated framework to guide your school towards success. Our pupil tracker school primary application can become the bedrock of your daily processes, helping teachers, course leaders and year leaders, head teachers, governors and OFSTED have a clear view of exactly what is going on in a school, and how things are changing.

In the classroom this means higher pupil attainment levels as strategies are developed for individual progress on a daily basis. Our easy traffic light software raises the consciousness of teachers with regards to core priorities in the learning environment, driving more appropriate teaching behaviours.

To find out more about our school pupil tracker software get in touch today. We have a wealth of information we can share with you, including case studies, resources and presentations. We can also provide you with a demonstration of the software so that you can judge for yourself just how powerful this solution can be in affecting change in your school environment.


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