Why Our Pupil Tracker Is Ideal For Your School

Are you looking for a pupil tracker for school? Are you uncertain about how to meet the new and growing demands of an evolving educational system? Are your pupils at risk of falling below the standards required of them in the new curriculum?

Many schools are worried about how they are going to monitor and track the progress of pupils, and drive pupil attainment levels to the new higher levels required in the new curriculum. For many the changes seem drastic and sudden. We provide the supporting framework to help you deliver real and measurable progress in your school. Our pupil tracker school software is designed to facilitate a learning environment that targets the priorities of the new curriculum and enables higher pupil attainment across the board.


A Pupil Tracker For Your School

Our pupil tracker system is easily integrated into just about any school environment. The application runs on computers, Macs and tablets, and can be deployed on any of the popular operating systems. Teachers these days need to monitor pupils on a regular basis, noting leaps in learning, and tracking a plethora of metrics. Our software provides the medium through which real-time data is recorded and assessed. We also provide paper-based packs for teachers that need to record data on paper before transferring to the online system.


Powerful Data For Transformational Change

Information is at the epicentre of learning in many ways. Pupils need to take in information effectively in order to achieve their knowledge and competency attainment goals. Equally, teachers need access to information on performance metrics in order to understand who is overachieving, who is where they should be, and who is falling behind. The data we present is weighted against national standards, and provides a clear view of pupil progress on individual, class, cohort and a school basis. Red alerts pop-up when a pupil is falling behind, so the teacher can quickly implement a plan for more rapid progress.

Governors and strategy leaders can mine down into data, looking at a specific subject, year group, ethnicity or gender. They can also look at how socio-economic status is impacting on performance and attainment. This high-level data enables improved strategy formation, providing information to those that need it in order to shape the direction of the school.

The reports produced are also beneficial for OFSTED, and provide a means for communicating progress to parents.


Ready To Find More About Our Pupil Tracker For Schools?

Our classroom monitoring software is making a difference in schools around the country already. It has the ability to support your school through an uncertain process, and will evolve to the inevitable changes that the educational system will go through over the coming years. If you’d like to find out about how our school tracking software can help your school achieve more progress, and demonstrate that progress, then get in touch today for a conversation or demonstration.


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