Our Pupil Tracker Progress System

The demands of the primary and secondary school educational systems are increasing. The government has implemented new curricula, which raise the bar in terms of what must be achieved in each year group throughout the educational system. The changes are in place to tackle the perceived shortfall in pupil attainment in the UK as compared to other leading global powers.


Our Pupil Tracker Progress System

Our pupil tracker progress system is designed to specifically meet the demands of the new curriculum at primary school level, and the new curriculum at secondary school level. It provides the tools that teachers need to prepare students for secondary school and to thrive when they get there. It also provides the reporting functions that school leaders, governors and OFSTED require to track progress on key areas of the national curriculum.


An Easily Integrated System

The School Pupil Tracker software is easily integrated into the way that you currently do things. It is a real-time monitoring system that is teacher led. Teachers make judgements on key milestones that are built into the national curriculum in order to ensure that pupils are progressing sufficiently. Milestones are measured against national standards, but also seen within the individual learning and development framework for each pupil.

Our software can be deployed on just about any device, including PCs, Macs, laptops and tablets.

The software is also compatible with all the different operating systems available, meaning teachers can use the technology they are familiar with to monitor progress in real-time.


As well as inputting data to the system, teachers can receive ongoing feedback on pupil attainment and class performance. The school pupil tracker software is able to provide a clear view of progress on different topics and different learning goals. If a pupil is dropping significantly below the level they should be reaching a red alert pops up, enabling swift action on the part of the teacher.

The pupil tracker progress system ensures that pupil attainment is at the centre of the learning environment, and that attainment is measured against the key metrics for success in the new and evolving national curriculum.


Beyond The National Curriculum

Our software actually goes beyond the national curriculum. We have built-in thinking and learning assessments so that teachers can track pupil progress on individual metrics that are intrinsically linked to performance on the new national curriculum metrics. This provides a more comprehensive view of learning in the classroom.


Real-time Assessment, Real Signs Of Progress

The real-time data produced by teachers in the classroom is viewable on a class, cohort and school level. This data can be used to assess progress in real terms, and in real-time, and can feed into strategy formation. The reports generated can also help OFSTED make a quality progress audit.

If you are looking for a pupil progress tracker for your school then get in touch today to find out how our solution can provide you with a simple, easily integrated, powerful monitoring system that can help you reach your goals, and more importantly, help each of your pupils reach their potential.