Track Your Pupils With An Online System

It is vital that every school tracks the progress of their students in order to achieve the attainment goals required in the UK national curriculum. Without a clear view of the performance of pupils, through a pupil tracker school online system, it is almost impossible to plan individual learning strategies. In addition, an online school pupil tracker provides invaluable information to leaders of the school, as they plan schoolwide strategies, enhance the school culture, and track progress.


Are You Looking For A Pupil Tracker? School Online Solutions

Our school pupil tracker solutions provide more than just a monitoring system. We have built our pupil tracker to enable teacher led monitoring and assessment that is informed by the priority milestones of the new and evolving national curriculum. Every pupil can be tracked on core metrics in the different subject areas, and teachers and school leaders can access a simple traffic light based analysis of pupil attainment.


Benefits In The Classroom

In the classroom that means that teachers can ensure that every pupil receives the support that they require to work towards their potential, in every area of the curriculum. Red alerts pop-up when pupils are falling behind, making it easy for teachers to identify pupils that need their attention.

The old model of doing assessments at the end of term is somewhat outdated. To reach the demanding goals that pupils must shoot for in today’s learning environment requires that teachers have up-to-date information on progress, and conform their teaching strategy on a class and individual basis to that information.

Our pupil tracker online school software can be deployed on PCs, Macs and tablets (android, Windows, iOS) and is therefore available on whichever platform a teacher prefers. The simplicity of the system makes it easy for teachers to integrate regular assessments into their daily activities.


Benefits To Teaching Leaders And Governors

The real-time data provided by our online pupil tracker school software ensures that teaching and strategy leaders are able to base interventions and strategy formation on up-to-the-minute, relevant data. This makes it much easier to solve problems before they get out of hand, and before the atmosphere in the school is affected. By filtering data by specific demographic and school groups school strategy leaders can also implement targeted change strategies, and then track their efficacy.


Benefits For Parents And OFSTED

Parents and OFSTED don’t necessarily have online access to software reports. However, the periodic reports that they require can be generated by our pupil tracker school online software. The data presented is impressive and creates a clear view of the learning journey of an individual pupil, group or school. This saves time within the school putting together reports, and creates a demonstrable record of progress.


Will Our Software Work For You?

Our software is designed to integrate into any school environment. It is easy to use and an asset for powerful, transformational learning change, driving pupil attainment levels towards the challenging goals we witness in the current national curriculum.

To find out more about our system get in touch today with any questions. We also have a wealth of information we can share with you so that you can assess for yourself whether you would like the benefits of our school pupil tracker in your school.


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