Pupil Tracking For Far Reaching Data

Are you considering a new pupil tracker system for your school? Are you looking for a real-time data collection application that can provide far-reaching data?

The Climbing Frames School Pupil Tracker is a pupil tracker with far-reaching data that is aligned with the new national curriculum. In the classroom teachers use the software to assess and monitor pupils on the key priorities of the national curriculum. Year leaders, head teachers, governors and other school strategists can then filter the data by different metrics to understand the dynamics of the school. This produces information that can feed into strategy and transformational culture change.


Data Is Key To Success In Demanding School Environments

Whereas schools used to track progress on a termly basis, the demands of education now call for a more iterative monitoring process. Teachers need to quickly identify when students are falling behind, or failing to make the expected progress. No longer can teachers pick up threads of progress every few months; it needs to happen on a day-to-day basis. Pupil attainment levels needs to be higher than ever, and that means consistently and persistently pushing pupils in the right direction, and supporting them towards diverse learning objectives.


Forming Strategies For Cohorts And The School Large

Far-reaching data provides the opportunity to understand exactly what is going on in the school. Some of the metrics that our software can help you understand include gender performance differences, ethnicity, socio-economic status (measured by free school meals status etc.), pre-level SEN performance, performance on specific milestones and subjects, and English as an additional language.

The management analytics dashboard is constantly growing, providing more powerful data for your school management team to assimilate into their understanding.


A Simple Yet Powerful System

The system uses a traffic light model so that teachers, year leaders and school management can quickly assess individual pupils, classes and cohorts. This means that problems are quickly identified and can be dealt with. Classroom plans can continually evolve to meet the challenges of the moment. This creates a more powerful and relevant learning experience for pupils, helping them to achieve their potential.

Our pupil tracker far-reaching data provides the framework that your school needs to take the uncertainty out of the monitoring process. With the onus on developing monitoring and reporting processes firmly on schools these days, it can be a real challenge to set up a system that can be integrated into your school. If you read the case studies of how our system works in other schools you will quickly understand that it is easy to implement and flexible to the needs of your environment.


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