Why Our Pupil Tracker Is A Great Asset For You

Are you looking for a pupil tracker asset to integrate into the processes of your school and drive pupil performance enhancements in the new curriculum environment?

Are you looking for a system that is built for the new curriculum, providing relevant milestones and usable real-time data?

The School Pupil Tracker software solution is designed for the new educational environment. It provides teachers with a mechanism to lead the monitoring process on a daily basis, tracking milestones that are relevant to the new curriculum, and strategising individual pupil intervention based on a record of progress, and metrics on thinking and learning skills. Our pupil tracker asset enables teachers to update data in real-time through their choice of computer or tablet, affording school leadership with all the information they need to make timely interventions and strategy choices.


A Versatile Pupil Tracker Asset

Unlike many of our competitors, our pupil tracker asset treats each individual as a person. Old mechanisms tended to be tick box exercises, not led by teacher judgements. Our system goes beyond the tick box process, looking at individual progress in their terms, as well as against national standards in each of the key areas of the new national curriculum. The system is also versatile enough to monitor and assess SEN pupils.

Alongside the online system we provide a paper-based pack for tracking off-line when that is the most appropriate solution. Data can then be transferred online in due course.


Real-time Assessment And Instant Reports

The benefits of assessing in real time cannot be overstated. The old way of doing things, with teachers monitoring and assessing at the end of term, cramming the process in, is outdated. As the challenge of educating pupils to the required standard becomes greater the need for more thorough and regular monitoring assessment becomes crucial; interventions need to be swift so that pupils don’t fall behind.

Real-time assessment provides teachers, year leaders, head teachers, governors and OFSTED with the information and reports they need in order to make good judgements. In addition, the software also generates the reports required to inform parents on progress.

Our asset provides you with the assistance you need to be a more efficient, more effective school.


Are You Prepared For The New Curriculum?

Primary and secondary schools are, up and down the land, anxious about how they are going to facilitate the learning process so that their students can achieve the new standards laid out by governments. There is no doubt that the UK educational system required an overhaul. However, the pace of change is overwhelming for many schools.

We provide a tried and tested platform for monitoring and assessing pupil progress and attainment in the new curriculum. Our school pupil tracker software breaks the national curriculum down into key priorities and then provides clear and relevant markers that guide the way to greater achievement of pupil potential. If you’re looking for a partner to remove some of the uncertainty in the development of these processes then get in touch today.