Track Your Pupils Achievements

According to assessment statistics of 15 year olds from OECD,  the UK ranks 26th in the world for maths, 23rd reading and 21st in science (Pisa tests 2013). In response to these mediocre results, and other measures of UK educational performance, the government has instigated the new curriculum in primary and secondary schools. The bar has been raised, and schools must now fall in line with a more challenging target system, and facilitate greater pupil achievement. One key aspect in the delivery of better results is a pupil tracker achievement system.


How Does A Pupil Tracker Achievement System Help?

Every school is mandated to track pupil progress. Many schools have in-house school pupil tracker systems that they have evolved over the years. With the changing educational system it is important that pupil tracker achievement systems are up to the new demands put upon them.

A pupil tracker achievement system can take many forms. At School Pupil Tracker we have a software system, which guides classroom monitoring processes through set milestones that are integral to the new curriculum. Pupil achievement is tracked based on metrics that really do make a difference to their performance, and therefore interventions are timely and relevant. This is the key to tracking pupil progress; ensuring that every pupil has the support required, when they need it most, to reach their maximum potential, and to drive towards better outcomes in key areas.


Real-time Pupil Tracking

The old school mechanism of monitoring assessments at the end of term is becoming defunct. To meet the extreme demands of a new set of standards it is important that progress is tracked on a regular basis throughout term, and that interventions are put in place quickly. Our software has a red alert pop-up system that informs teachers and strategy leaders when pupils are falling behind the required standard. Our simple traffic light system facilitates quick assimilation of performance data, and is guided by national standards.

Real-time pupil tracking facilitates intervention on a schoolwide, as well as a classroom basis. Data can be filtered by diverse metrics, such as ethnicity, gender, free school meals status, and so on, and so governors, heads of year and OFSTED can quickly assess what needs to be done to improve school culture and processes.


Ready To Improve Your Pupil Tracking Process?

If you are currently looking for a pupil tracker achievement system to integrate into the way your school is adapting to the new demands of the new curriculum, then get in touch and find out how we can help. Our system is designed to be easy to integrate into the day-to-day activities of teaching staff, and we even have a paper-based system that can be transcribed into the online environment (for those that prefer to use paper in the classroom).

We are committed to ensuring that every school we work with has the tools they require not just for today, but for tomorrow as well. The educational system will continue to evolve. We will help your school adapt to changes as they occur, by enhancing and updating our software.

Get in touch today for a demonstration or to find out more about how we can help you adapt to the new curriculum.