Pupil Tracking With The Climbing Frames School Pupil Tracker

Measuring progress goes beyond enabling teachers to simply collect and analyse data. In fact, it requires a broader focus: does the data answer questions from key stakeholders? Will it help you get a consistent view across the whole school?


How The Climbing Frames School Pupil Tracker Can Help:

  • The system enables teachers to assess progress termly or every half term. Giving the school a responsive measure that can easily track a pupil’s progress in-depth across the year
  • Reporting uses a system that is instantly familiar to teachers, but uses a bright, distinctive colour-coding system that can also communicate data so it can be understood by governors, parents and carers too
  • Assessment are linked to developmental resources that will help improve the quality of teaching and learning
  • Effective assessments can be carried out for all students, as the app builds inclusion of SEN students and children working above and below their age-related national curriculum objectives.
  • Teachers’ judgments drive all progress measures, enabling the school to decide what it considers are suitable progress and attainment measures.
  • Easy and efficient assessments
  • Your software system needs to support you and your teachers and make sure that the assessment process is as easy and efficient as possible for your teachers. It also needs to able to evolve – as the Government changes its criteria, such as the performance descriptors for years 2 and 6, your tracking software needs to reflect these changes too.


We are working with schools to ensure that the app is a quick, efficient and simple tool for teachers to use. User feedback is vital to the app’s success. The Climbing Frames School Pupil Tracker was built with teachers in mind. From the familiar way that it tracks pupil progress across the year, to its rapid assess functions, your teachers will not find the app distracts from their principal role as educators.


The progress measures have been mapped directly to the demands of the new national curriculum. The app will be able to support any changes, so your school can manage smoothly any transitions in future assessment.  Track your school’s ability to decide where to allocate additional support relies completely on being able to track progress beyond the class level. For instance, viewing contextual information such as a pupil’s SEN, EAL or FSM status gives you the tools to decide on interventions. The impact and effectiveness of your interventions also rests on tracking individual students, or groups of pupils.

Teachers can instantly see whether a particular child is showing early, significant or substantially secure progress using a simple traffic light display. Automatic red alerts, triggered by the app, can quickly show where a child is slipping behind. On the other side of the spectrum, gifted and talented pupils who are exceeding are also flagged by the app, too.


The wide range of tracking metrics that the app provides, make it simple for teachers to track using contextual information. Staff can quickly create analytics for different groups, as well as drill down to see how an individual pupil’s progress across the different strands and sub-strands within a subject.


Unique Pre-levels frames are pre-installed in the School Pupil Tracker app, so that SEN students are included in progress tracking in a sensitive and meaningful way.


Showing Your Data

Your reporting systems need to provide proof that the school is making an impact on pupils’ learning. With parents, governors and inspectors all wanting to know you are making the most effective choices for each pupil.


How The Climbing Frames School Pupil Tracker Supports You

One-click reporting means that you can access See snapshot reports for individual pupils and overviews of cohort progress for governors and inspectors. The Climbing Frames School Pupil Tracker app gives teachers and mangers clear assessment data and analysis over a broad range of requirements.


The development team behind The Climbing Frames School Pupil Tracker are constantly updating and developing the app’s reporting functions to ensure you have a full and growing suite of data tools to support your assessment strategies, across the whole school.

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