Climbing Frames School Pupil Tracking App & Ofsted

How Climbing Frames Will Ensure You’re Prepared For Ofsted

Ensure that your assessment tracking and measurement is Ofsted-ready by using The Climbing Frames School Pupil Tracker app. The app gives you a powerful, but easy to use tool to:


  • Measure attainment and progress against age-related expectations laid down in the NC
  • Monitor pupil progress with great sensitivity e.g. each half-term
  • Alerts teachers to slow progress or disappointing attainment
  • Provide a level of detail to help diagnose and target curriculum topics, cohorts and group
  • Deliver consistency of assessment across subjects and years
  • Include all pupils, such as SEN and those not yet working to NC objectives
  • Show you are tracking all of this with detailed management information


Monitor Attainment And Progress

The app helps ensure your teachers are making consistent judgements about pupils’ progress and attainment, by using priority objectives based on the new national curriculum.

These are broken up into age appropriate objectives and cover all National Curriculum subjects. This means that you can all teachers are assessing against the same criteria and that progress can be easily tracked within a subject, across a year group and between year groups.

Use the app’s baseline assessment function to ensure that all progress measures can take account of each pupil’s starting point.


The app helps you map progress for all year groups, not just pupils arriving at the end of a key stage. It will also ensure that this progress reflects how each pupil’s growing breadth and depth of knowledge and skills.


Alert Teachers To Slow Progress

Being able to quickly identify pupils who are falling behind is more important than just keeping Ofsted happy. That’s why it is a central aspect of the app. Use the clear, at-a-glance tracking reports in The Climbing Frames School Pupil Tracker to quickly identify pupils who are falling behind.


Red Alerts

Know that you can act quickly to halt pupils slipping behind, as the app will automatically flag any pupil who has not shown progress for two terms, or is two steps behind predicted progress. This gives a clear signal to teachers and managers. It enables you to move speedily to intervene with corrective actions. The automatic alerts can be broad enough to highlight lack of progress across a whole subject. You can also drill down into that pupil’s progress data to show that progress is not being made in only one sub-strand.


Ofsted-friendly Data

Be satisfied that, no matter when Ofsted comes to call, you always have the latest data to hand. Data captured in real-time assessments by your teachers is instantly converted into management data. . This means you have the satisfaction of knowing your data is fresh, every time you access it.


Track and report on your Pupil Premium children, as well as other groups that Ofsted are particularly interested, using the dynamic filters available across the app. These filters mean it is takes seconds to create progress and attainment reports for special groups. Pupil Premium children are covered, as well as other groups such as EAL and FSM pupils.


Other filters enable you to drill further into your data. Want to know the progress for white British males currently on FSM? You can access this data quickly and effortlessly. You will find this the perfect for satisfying inspectors that come to call and giving you a powerful analytical planning tool.



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