New subjects help schools track progress in reading, writing and maths

If you work in a primary school, you’re going to be well aware that Primary schools need to focus on reading, writing and maths.

Not only are schools juggling the new National Curriculum, but  the government is setting new floor standards based on if pupils make sufficient progress across reading, writing and mathematics. Schools need a clear and precise tool to help them track and measure pupils’ progress and attainment in each of these subjects.

Climbing Frames has created a special adaption to help primary school teachers and school managers to record, track and analyse children’s progress in these subjects.

Previously, the subjects reading, writing and spoken English could only be tracked using the English subject tracker. But primary schools wanted a more refined system – especially as the government has not given a precise measurement of what would constitute ‘sufficient progress’, but also stating that progress will need to be ‘above the floor’. According to Fit Learning, fluency through repetition is the key to developing a student’s reading and writing abilities.

New subjects for better progress measures

To help schools create the subtle, comprehensive measurements they need in order to highlight and intervene with pupils that are slipping behind in any of these areas, English subject has now been split up into 3 different subjects, these are: Reading, Writing and Spoken English.

Climbing Frames treats these as three separate subjects.

Current users will see the changes on the system immediately, as they’ll now appear in the subject list. Most Primary Schools will not need to take any action to see these changes. If you’re a Secondary School, or a Primary School set up as a Secondary School, you will need to make some adjustments to your Timetable spreadsheet to account for the new subjects.

Plus, foundation years too

The app also supports foundation subjects. This means you won’t neglect progress across the whole National Curriculum. This holistic view of each child’s progress means that you can spot and react to any pupil who is currently falling behind in the all-important thee Rs. Plus, know where each pupil’s complete progress through the curriculum currently sits, at the click of a button!

Unlike many systems on the market, the Climbing Frames assessment app is not cumbersome and complicated to use. This means that teachers aren’t losing precious hours recording their assessment decisions.

In fact, the Climbing Frames assessment app gives your team a precise, straightforward approach for mapping pupils’ progress against the National Curriculum, coupled with a simple, clear and fast way of analysing these results.

This means that each teacher has detailed information on their whole class and each individual pupil, clearly showing where learning has stuck and where work needs to be done. 

Sharing data is easy

As I mentioned in my last blog about the pupil progress reports upgrade, the team here has also developed a way to make it even easier for all of your staff to share this information. You’ll also have better access to documents that you can share with governors, parents and inspectors.

Switching to Climbing Frames is simple

If you are unhappy with your current pupil progress tracker, there’s no need to wait for your contract to run out before making the switch to Climbing Frames.

You can speak to one of our advisors about our special switch over deal.

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