New feature: downloading pupil progress reports

Using the Climbing Frames school pupil tracker is easy. And the pupil progress reports that it creates are clear, simple to understand and give detailed information for school leaders, teachers, governors (and of course Ofsted). A new upgrade for the app means that it is easier to share this information than ever.

Teachers and school managers are now able to export any page with a tracking table, or a report graph to a PDF sheet.

The initial reports that have this function include:


  • Class Progress
  • Detailed Subject Progress (aka Student Progress)


  • Class Progress
  • Class Attainment
  • Objective Breakdown
  • Individual Student

Using a simple, one-click download button, the app delivers a multitude of reports straight to your desktop.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to create and export detailed reports, just with the click of a button:

Watch out for new pages and reports that can be downloaded as PDFs, as we expand this feature.

To see how the Climbing Frames Pupil Tracker uses a simple, memorable system for tracking pupil assessment, download the free resource pack. This has PowerPoint presentations, samples of the priority objectives from the National Curriculum and customer reviews.

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