New Curriculum Secondary

About The New Curriculum For Secondary Schools

New curriculum assessment in secondary schools is challenging the foundations of the educational system. The old ways of monitoring and assessing pupils will not be adequate as we move forward in an ever evolving educational system.


So Why Is There A New Curriculum Assessment In Secondary Schools?

The government has identified that the UK is falling behind other leading countries in terms of academic performance on maths, English and science at 15 years of age. The 2013 OECD Pisa tests highlighted that the UK was 26th in the world for maths, 23rd for reading and 21st for science. Educational standards seem to have flat lined, and this is a worrying situation for the UK educational system.

So things are changing. The bar at both primary and secondary school levels is being raised. This means new demands on teachers and pupils, and new strategies need to be put in place in order for schools to succeed and demonstrate progress.


Monitoring In A New Curriculum

School pupil tracking processes will have to evolve with the new curriculum. The reality is that the educational system never stands still. Schools need to put in place measures today that will work for tomorrow.

In response to the new demands of the educational environment School Pupil Tracker have put together a software solution that enables a teacher led monitoring process. Our software is easily integrated into the existing mechanisms of school life, providing real-time data are to strategy leaders, governors and OFSTED, and providing a means for teachers in the classroom to identify exactly how pupils are tracking against national standards.


Far-reaching Data And Changes In The Classroom

School Pupil Tracker software is designed to facilitate the adaptation to the new curriculum assessments in secondary schools. The milestones that it uses are relevant to the new way of doing things, and therefore have powerful capacity to drive intervention with pupils in a timely manner. Red alerts signal when pupils are falling below the required standards. Equally, the software can highlight overachieving pupils, facilitating enhanced processes for their development.

As well as having profound implications on performance in the classroom, the software helps strategy leaders to implements class, cohort and schoolwide changes that enhance progress towards specific goals. Leaders can filter data by diverse metrics in order to understand the dynamics of their school, and through this understanding deliver transformational change through the policies and procedures they put in place.


Is Climbing Frames Pupil Tracking Software For You?

The School Pupil Tracker software is designed to facilitate a better learning environment. It gives teachers a real-time tool to create a dynamic student record and to identify classroom priorities. With the new demands of the new secondary school curriculum and assessments it is important that every school goes through a process of evolution. Our software can take a lot of the uncertainty out of the process, providing you with a tried and tested system that can help facilitate change.

To find out more get in touch today. We can provide you with a free resource pack and demonstrate the software for you.


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