New Curriculum Primary

About The New Curriculum For Primary Schools

The new primary school curriculum is designed to raise the bar in pupil achievement. The UK is, according to the OECD‘S Pisa tests, lagging behind its global rivals in terms of achievement on science, maths and reading. The 2013 ratings placed the UK 26th in maths, 23rd in reading and 21st in the world in science. The new curriculum is a response to this, and other data, which paints a worrying picture of the state of the UK educational system.

New curriculum assessment in primary schools calls for new school pupil tracker solutions. The old ways of doing things are no longer relevant. At School Pupil Tracker we have developed functional, easily integrated software for new curriculum assessment at the primary school level.


What Our Primary School Monitoring Software Does

Our software is a cross-platform solution, deployable on PCs, laptops and tablets, and various operating systems, which enables teacher led monitoring of individual pupils on a daily basis. It uses the milestones relevant to the new curriculum assessments at primary level to ensure that it is a relevant process which has power to transform pupil outcomes on maths, English, science and computing.

Our pupil tracker software facilitates real-time assessment and real-time reports. At every level in the school environment data can be filtered by cohort, gender, ethnicity, free school meal status and other metrics to get a clear view of how the school is performing. With red alert pop-ups for pupils that are falling below the standard they require, or where their progress is stagnating, the software is designed to effect meaningful change and to direct resources where they are needed. The simple traffic light system is easily interpreted, and helps to create a real feel for the progress that is being made by individuals and groups in the school.


A More Challenging New Curriculum Assessment Level At Primary Schools

There is no doubt that adapting to the new primary school curriculum is going to be a challenge for many schools around the country. The level of assessment is rising, and teachers are going to have to adapt to pushing pupils to greater levels of attainment. Our primary school monitoring software provides a framework for the new curriculum. However, it doesn’t stop there.

Our approach centres on the individual rather than the task. Going beyond the national curriculum our framework looks at thinking and learning skills to measure the cognitive development of primary school pupils. This frame enables us to have a more comprehensive view of pupils; a paradigm that fosters a more creative learning environment.


How Do You Partner With Us?

We provides classroom monitoring solutions for primary schools around the country. To find out more about how you can integrate our innovative software into your school contact us today. We can provide you with a free demonstration of the software, and also point you towards our free resource guides and knowledge bank so you can find out more about the benefits you can gain from partnering with us.

With the national curriculum set to continue evolving in the future it is important to have in place robust yet flexible processes that can meet the ever-changing demands of primary school education.