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The Early Years Foundation Stage framework provides the standards for learning, care and development from birth to 5 years old. Tracking the progress of children in this age group is not always simple. With the changes in the national curriculum at Key stages 1, 2 and 3 it is more important than ever that preschool and reception children are ready for school as they take the big step up into formal education, and then on to new demands of key stage 1.


A Child Based EYFS Tracker

When integrating an EYFS tracker system into your establishment make it child based rather than tick box. Each child progresses at a different rate, especially in these early years, and you need to understand thinking and learning skills as well as the more formal progress stages that are in place through the EYFS framework.

Monitoring pupil development provides the opportunity to intervene when a child is falling below the standards that they should meet, or if their progress is stagnating. Our software is designed to provide a daily, real-time monitoring system, so that teachers can update individual pupil progress towards milestones as leaps in learning and development occur. With our software integrated into your environment a dynamic record of pupil progress is developed, which can then be passed up as the child moves through the educational system.


Real-time, Real Data

When our software is being used as an EYFS tracker teachers have a simple monitoring view of their room, strategy leaders can look at data from an ethnicity, gender, SEN or cohort level, and governors and OFSTED can do likewise. With data being updated in real-time the snapshot that everyone has, at every level, is up-to-date and can therefore inform action.

The purpose of any assessment and monitoring should be to get action points right, and then get them implemented, and then track progress towards goals. Our software provides the functionality to effect real change at all levels of child learning and development, from our EYFS tracker right through to Key stage III and beyond.


Find Out More About Our EYFS Tracker

We provide a wealth of information on our website to help you make an informed decision about whether our framework is right for you. We provide a flexible, versatile solution that is designed to make your teaching environment better. Take a look at our free resource pack and knowledge base to find out a bit more about how our system can be integrated into your environment. Get in touch today if you have any questions or queries, or to find out how we can integrate with you.

Success in learning is about continuous feedback. Our real-time solution provides effective frameworks for thinking about monitoring, and the tools you need to track the progress of EYFS pupils on a daily basis.


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