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As the national curriculum changes year-to-year it is important that schools adapt to the new demands that pupils must meet. Key Stages 1, 2 and 3 are the foundation years of academic performance. The government has realised this and put in place tougher challenges and higher levels to achieve. It is only by carefully monitoring school, cohort, classroom and individual pupil progress in primary and secondary schools that the rigorous demands of the new curriculum will be met.

Classroom monitor tools provide a means for teachers to integrate monitoring processes into their daily activities. Cramming in monitoring assessments at the end of term is no longer an optimal strategy. Monitoring must be done on a daily basis, and made as easy and powerful as possible.


Climbing Frames Classroom Monitoring Tools

Our classroom monitoring tools are designed to support primary schools and secondary schools by providing frames for learning. They provide teacher led monitoring and assessment features, which creates easy to interpret data that can be viewed at an individual, classroom, cohort and school level. Strategy leaders and governors can also filter data by gender, free school meals status, ethnicity, SEN pupils and much more. This creates a useful frame of reference for strategy development sessions, and an easy to produce dataset for OFSTED.


Making Classroom Monitoring Tools Simple

Our classroom monitor tools enable teachers to seamlessly integrate their monitoring assessment into what they already do. Our software can be used on computers, laptops and tablets, and we also provide a paper-based system for those that prefer to make notes rather than move straight to technology. The paper system is designed to make it easy for you to then update the software at a later date.

Rather than using a tick box system, our school pupil tracker software ensures that teachers can monitor pupils in a holistic way. Pupils are monitored on thinking and learning skills, which are beyond the national curriculum. This guides teachers towards a child based approach to monitoring, rather than a less personalised strategy.


Reports, Assessments And Alerts

Our classroom monitor tools provide all the reports that teachers, governors and parents should have. This saves time and standardises formats. Our traffic light system creates a fast way to identify problems, and red alerts pop-up automatically in cases where pupil progress is stalling or children are falling significantly behind where they should be. Our software prioritises objectives based on the new curriculum, providing assessment on what really counts.


Find Out More About Our School Pupil Tracking Software

To find out more get in touch or book a demo of our software. We also have several resources available on this website, such as our knowledge bank and free resource pack.

Getting the right classroom monitor tools is a crucial element in the success of a primary or secondary school. School Pupil Tracker provides the tools and resources that you need to adapt to and thrive in the ever evolving environment of the national curriculum.


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