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It is only by truly understanding the progress that pupils are making that you can guide them towards higher achievement. That is where classroom monitor software comes in.

Classroom monitoring software enables teachers to lead the process of continually assessing and evolving the plans for individual students, and classes as a whole. At the strategy level leaders can understand exactly what is going on in different classrooms and in different subjects, and even look at far-reaching data, mining down into performance by ethnicity, gender, free school meals, and other metrics.


Making Classroom Monitoring Easy

The classroom monitoring software that we have made at School Pupil Tracker makes the daily process of monitoring pupils as easy as it can possibly be. We understand that every teacher has his or her processes and that integrating a new system into their daily routines takes effort. We therefore keep the learning required to use our classroom monitor software down to a minimum, whilst creating powerful outcomes through it.


Moving Away From Tick Boxes

Historically, classroom monitoring has been about ticking boxes rather than truly assessing an individual. Our software provides the opportunity to assess pupil cognitive development, through thinking and learning skill frames. This provides a more holistic approach to the development of pupils, and makes our school pupil tracker a versatile tool to create a pupil-centred approach to learning progress.

As individual milestones are reached teachers can update the system, creating real-time data change that can be viewed at the classroom, cohort and school level. The simple traffic light system enables anyone to easily interpret the data and get a handle on the progress a school is making.


Primary, Secondary And SEN Solutions

Our software is designed to provide all of the assessment frames and record sheets for Key stages 1, 2 and 3. This includes reports for parents and the full suite of monitoring tools. With an ever evolving national curriculum it can be hard for secondary schools to understand the progress individual students have made, and level they have achieved. This software ensures that there is a clear data profile for students that is easily passed from feeder primary schools to secondary schools; creating a seamless flow of performance information. In secondary schools our software tracks all the priority markers required for subject attainment on the new curriculum.


Get In Touch To Find Out More

We have created a free resource pack to guide you through examples, resources and a presentation on our classroom monitor software. We also have a knowledge bank to help you understand more about what our software can do for you. If you’d like a demonstration or to find out even more information then get in touch today and will be happy to guide and advise you.

With an ever evolving national curriculum it is vital that you have a classroom monitoring system that is flexible, functional, easily integrated and powerful. School Pupil Tracker is designed to be your partner now and in the future.

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