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The educational system is continually evolving. However, sometimes we see a shakeup that rocks the foundations of the school system. At such times it is important to have in place robust yet flexible classroom monitor secondary school systems; systems that facilitate processes to ensure individual pupils are meeting the new demands of the national curriculum.


Flexible Software-classroom Monitoring Secondary Schools

Our software is designed to be versatile, flexible and to meet the demands of teachers, subject leaders, strategy leaders and governors, as they strive to create the best possible outcome for each and every student within the school. The software is able to track the full range of subjects, whilst providing detailed analysis to mine down into different classes, cohorts and pupil demographics.


Real-time Data Means Power

The traditional mode of assessing and monitoring pupils has been very much ad hoc. Often teachers were left with a gargantuan task of writing up reports at the end of term. Our software means that it is easy to track learning milestones and continuously feed performance data into the application. The school pupil tracker allows teachers and other stakeholders to quickly identify pupils that are struggling, in order to take remedial action. It can equally enhance the performance of able students, highlighting those that are overachieving and may need more challenge.

The real-time data that the School Pupil Tracker software provides means a more dynamic school environment where better information flow creates more possibilities.


A Functional Solution That Removes Uncertainty

The secondary school environment is busy. Any classroom monitor for secondary schools therefore needs to integrate into the day and provide maximum functionality along the way. Our solution is designed to be used on various devices, such as computers, laptops and tablets, and across different operating systems. We also provide supporting paper based classroom monitoring packs; ideal for those that want to track on paper before adding to the software.

The ease of use, flexible functionality and power of the data captured makes School Pupil Tracker the future of secondary school pupil tracking.


Get In Touch More Information

To find out more about our secondary school pupil tracking software get in touch today. If you’d like to read a bit more before you contact us then we have provided a knowledge base and instantly downloadable free resource pack to help you make an informed decision.

Our solution is designed to not just provide you with what you need now, but also the flexibility to evolve with the changing demands of the national curriculum. Schools choose us because we take uncertainty out of the classroom monitoring process and are a solid partner with whom to operate now and in the future. If you’re in the market for a leading secondary school classroom monitor solution then get in touch today.

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