Monitor Your Primary Class

Many schools are anxious right now as they adapt to the changing demands of the national curriculum. There has been a leap in the required standards that primary school pupils must meet in each year group. The old way of doing things, with the tracking of levels, is on its way out. Now schools must develop their own way to classroom monitor primary school pupils.


Specialist Classroom Monitoring Primary School Software

We support schools by providing frameworks of knowledge and processes that work. The software that we have developed ensures that teachers have a functional way to continually classroom monitor primary pupils and track their progress against national standards, as well as having a clear view of individual progress.

If a pupil is struggling the software can quickly pick up on this fact enabling swift intervention. Similarly, if the school pupil tracker identifies children that are overachieving they can quickly be fast tracked so that they continue to excel.


Versatile Cross-platform Software

Our software can be used on a plethora of devices including computers, laptops and tablets. For teachers that prefer to work off paper and later input data we provide a fully flexible paper-based tracking system. Our specialist software provides school leaders with the opportunity to monitor classrooms in primary schools, assessing data by subject, demographic, eligibility for free school meals; even incorporating SEN students into the same framework.


A Simple Traffic Light System

The reporting view of our primary school classroom monitor solution uses a simple traffic light system. This makes it easy for teachers to, at a glance, internalise individual, and classroom progress as a whole, and progress in different subject areas. The software is geared towards Key Stages 1, 2 and 3; all the priorities at primary school age. Easy comprehensibility also helps strategy leaders and OFSTED, as well as secondary schools interpreting the ability levels of new pupils coming into their school from feeder schools.

Find Out More About Our Primary School Classroom Monitoring Software

To find out more about our revolutionary software take a look at the knowledge bank, download our free resource pack (complete with resources, example frameworks and presentations), or get in touch through our website or over the phone.

Our school pupil tracker solution has already helped many schools remove the uncertainty of transitioning to the new demands of a more challenging national curriculum. The software will continue to evolve as the educational system evolves, so is a future proof asset to integrate into your primary school.

Get in touch today to see how our classroom monitoring software for primary schools can help your school perform better across the board.



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