Monitor Your Classroom Online

With the new government regulations and educational requirements of schools many primary and secondary school leaders are frantically searching for the best way to monitor their classrooms and meet up with the new demands being put upon them. The old levels based system has gone. Now schools must utilise a more fluid and functional monitoring system that will help them to deliver a higher level of education to every pupil. For many that means being able to classroom monitor online.


Real-time Data With Our Software For Classroom Monitoring Online

Our school pupil tracker is software so you can classroom monitor online. It enables teachers to work from computers and tablets and update milestones in real-time. If a pupil has a giant leap forward it can be quickly and effortlessly tracked and added to the online software. Teachers, school leaders, governors and OFSTED can then have a real-time view of how different cohorts and classes are performing. They can mine down into different subjects, or look at how pupils with free school meals are doing for example. Our classroom monitor online software provides the opportunity to make quality interventions in the classroom, and high-level strategic decisions from afar.


Flexible Software To Make Your School Better

Our software helps you to classroom monitor online, providing teachers with a functional, usable tool to build into their daily routines. They can use a computer or tablet to make frequent small updates, which over the course of the term provide a clear view of the progress of each pupil. This eliminates the need for ‘cramming’ at the end of the term when all main assessments are traditionally done. It creates a culture of continuous improvement and ensures that each pupil is continually monitored, receiving the intervention that they need in a timely fashion.

Any school pupil tracker must be flexible to meet the demands of a wide range of pupils across different subjects, and that is exactly what our software is designed to do.


Find Out More About Climbing Frames

We provide several different resources on our website to help you to find out more about the software, and how it can help your school meet the new demands of an evolving national curriculum. Take a look at our knowledge bank or download a free resource pack. Alternatively, give us a call and we will be more than happy to talk about the benefits of our classroom monitor online software and how you could integrate it into the systems and processes you currently follow within your school.

Whether you’re looking for solutions for primary, secondary or SEN schools our software has the functional versatility and process robustness that you need. Get in touch today and remove the uncertainty from the transitional process to a new and more demanding classroom environment.


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