Effectively Monitor Your Classroom

The national curriculum has changed. The government has implemented new standards so that the country can meet up to the quality outputs from other nations. One of the changes is that the way that schools monitor classrooms, and the way that teachers assess pupils, is very much more in their hands.

Some schools are still holding to the old assessment levels to which they have become accustomed. The new curriculum provides schools with more freedom to choose how they assess their pupils, and much more responsibility.


Classroom Monitoring For Success

To classroom monitor effectively it is important to have a full view of how everyone is performing, and to be able to identify those that are underachieving and overachieving very fast. In addition, governors and OFSTED need a view of how the whole school is performing in different areas.

When you use our software to classroom monitor you are in control. Rather than waiting until the end of the term to assess pupils it becomes a daily habit that feeds into real-time data. This means a more dynamic environment where learners are supported and challenged at the level of their current ability.


A Simple Traffic Light System

The best systems for data analysis are normally the simplest. Our software provides a traffic light system so that you can have clear view of exactly where pupils are in each subject area. With more challenging targets it is crucial that every pupil has the opportunity to attain their potential. Sometimes it is small interventions that make a big difference; but they need to be timely. That is exactly where the traffic light classroom monitor system comes in.


Are You Happy With Your Monitoring System?

In our research and interactions with schools around the country we found that many are not yet prepared for their new responsibilities. It can be challenging to conceptualise and then implement a whole new system. We take the guesswork out of the process by bringing you a tried and tested system, with steps that ensure you are meeting your requirements as a school, identifying and monitoring pupil progress, and have a full and transparent view of the school by subject, and pupil profile.


Get In Touch Today To Find Out More

If you are interested in finding out more about the way our classroom monitor process works then get in touch today and we will take you through how to start using our school pupil tracker in your school. Whether you are looking for key stage I, Key stage II, secondary school or SEN classroom monitor software we are a leading name you can trust to support you  through the new demands of an evolving educational system.

We can take the uncertainty out of the process and provide you with an easy-to-use, functional, practical software solution, complete with a full paper-based system for those that want to work on paper before transferring data to the software.


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