About Climbing Frames

About The Climbing Frames School Pupil Tracking Student Assessment Framework

The Climbing Frames School Pupil Tracker is a digital assessment framework that replaces the now defunct national curriculum levels. It relates directly to the new curriculum and enables individual pupil’s progress to be tracked across foundation and core subjects.


The Climbing Frames School Pupil Tracker offers a complete set of assessment frames and record sheets for National Curriculum subjects in Key Stages 1, 2 and 3, including reports for parents.


The framework is designed to work in a familiar way, like APP, and allow your teachers to track attainment and progress over time, using an approach that is familiar and intuitive to use.


The Climbing Frames School Pupil Tracking Assessment App Is Designed To Support The Ongoing Assessment Of Pupils In Each Subject, Enabling Teachers To:


  • Record attainment and progress on a regular basis
  • Identify who is on, below or above trajectory to succeed
  • Support pupils who have fallen below trajectory, and stretch others
  • Plan future lessons to meet needs more precisely.


It Will Also Aid Senior Leaders Because It Will:


  • Keep an ongoing record of individual pupil attainment and progress
  • Allow summative data about the performance of classes, years, subjects, cohorts and 
  • Offer consistency of approach and level of detail across the curriculum. 
The pack has been designed to:
  • Apply the approach previously used in APP which is familiar to teachers, but adjusted to the year-by-year requirements of the new curriculum
  • Allow for local adaptation where schools wish to exert their own particular priorities